1. What is HEXBIO® Microbial Cell Preparation (MCP)? What is the difference between MCP and other probiotics?

    HEXBIO® MCP, is a unique formulation with bacteria that confer health benefits when consumed. MCP is clinically proven to be safe and effective using the final product. HEXBIO® is unique and holds a great advantage as most of the probiotics products in the market were claimed effective for its individual strains, not with their final products.

  2. HEXBIO® MCP VS yogurts and fermented foods?

    Most fermented foods and yoghurts contain an unknown amount of bacteria in the final products. Additionally, the beneficial bacteria in yoghurts and fermented foods may not survive in the digestive system. Besides, viability of beneficial bacteria in yogurts and fermented foods will be affected when they are not stored in proper temperature (refrigeration). Bacteria in most fermented foods and yoghurts are not clinically proven for their abilities to support digestive health as a whole.

    When taking HEXBIO®, you can know with certainty that you are getting clinically proven products that are both safe and also effective in promoting a wide range of health benefits and supporting wellbeing. HEXBIO® contains 30 billion CFU/g of beneficial bacteria, which are clinically proven to survive in the digestive system. HEXBIO® can be stored without refrigeration and it’s extremely stable which is not only convenient but also guarantees the effectiveness of the product.

  3. Is HEXBIO® safe for all ages?

    Yes, HEXBIO® is safe for all ages. The benefits of HEXBIO® have been studied extensively in clinical trials. No adverse effects of consumption have been reported. It is clinically proven to be safe and effective.

    You may consult with your Doctor before taking HEXBIO®. It is recommended that individuals with unique circumstances and complications to seek advice from your Doctor before consuming HEXBIO®.

  4. If I have allergies, can I take HEXBIO®?

    HEXBIO® does not contain common allergens such as gluten or peanuts. HEXBIO® contains a very minimal amount of lactose (below detection limit). If you have concerns, it is recommended that you consult your Doctor before taking HEXBIO®.

  5. Can I take HEXBIO® with other medications?

    Yes, you can take HEXBIO® along with medications. If you are under the course of antibiotics, it is recommended that you have a 2-4 hour gap before taking HEXBIO®.

    In regards to other supplements or medications, it is recommended that you consult your Doctor for advice prior to taking HEXBIO® along with other medications.

  6. Can HEXBIO® be mixed with milk?

    Yes, HEXBIO® can be mixed with milk and even juice or water. The solution has to be of lukewarm or room temperature, as high temperature will kill off the beneficial bacteria in HEXBIO®.

  7. Can HEXBIO® be left inside the car?

    It is not recommended to leave HEXBIO® inside the car as the car temperature can rise quickly which will affect the viability of the strains. The recommended storage condition of HEXBIO® is to keep in cool and dry place and avoid exposure from sunlight.

  8. HEXBIO® should be consumed with empty stomach or after meal?

    HEXBIO® can be consumed before or after meal as it makes no difference.

  9. Is 30 billion CFU/g of HEXBIO® too much for consumption?

    According to World Gastroenterology Organisation Global (WGO) Guidelines, it is not possible to state a general dose that is needed for probiotics. Although many over-the-counter products deliver in the range of 1–10 billion CFU/dose, some products have been shown to be efficacious at lower levels, while some require substantially more. The dosage should be based on human studies showing a health benefit.

    Safety profile for HEXBIO is supported by clinical trial and thus there is no overdose concern as long as recommended dosage is followed.