With the widespread of the internet usage, there is no doubt that the healthcare information can be acquired within the fingertips.


In fact, we are over-whelmed with so-called health information.


Microbial products are an ‘on-trend’ health supplements marketed to benefit the overall well-being. However, the ‘trend’ is not generated for no reason. Years of studies and clinical papers had endorsed the crucial and efficacy of beneficial microbial products in human well-being.


Despite there is much information discussing the effect of good bacteria, most of the time people are struggling in making a wise decision to choose a quality microbial product. Often, consumers are not able to identify the best from the great.



Tips to choose a good quality microbial product:


1) Clinically proven with finished product

The ultimate goal to consume a microbial product is to improve health status. Just like any other supplements and medicine, the efficacy of bacterial product should be proven via published clinical papers. Most importantly, the product used in the clinical trials should be the same as the product consumers are purchasing (not third party studies).


2) Strain-specific

NOT ALL STRAINS ARE THE SAME. To justify the efficacy and safety of a microbial preparation, clinical studies have to be done with bacterial strain being specified in the research. Thus, if the bacterial strain is not mentioned on the product label, it will be a challenge for the end users to identify the proven efficacy.


3) Stomach acid and bile tolerance

Each bacterial strain may have varied tolerance towards the stomach and bile acid. Some can survive with the help of special coating on the end product. Hence, it is essential to have data with finish product to confirm the survival of the beneficial bacteria.


4) Recognition by healthcare professionals

While published papers provide the information in general, healthcare professionals who are exposed to a variety of beneficial bacterial products, manage to identify the needs of the patients or consumers, followed by prescribing and recommend the best microbial product to maximize the health benefit outcomes.


While there are lots of choices available in the market, consumers may be confused by marketing information flooded in various media platform. But fear not, you can always trust on B-Crobes HEXBIO® when it comes to microbial cell products. HEXBIO® is clinically proven safe for consumption in all ages, suitable for gastrointestinal (GI) problems including constipation, diarrhea and colorectal cancer. With the clinical evidence of the survival of stomach and bile acid, HEXBIO® is recognized globally by healthcare professionals to improve gut functions and promote faster recovery.