HEXBIO® Granules

Doctors’ Trusted Brand for Gut Health.

HEXBIO® belongs to the family of Oral Bacteriotherapy for gut disorders. It is a uniquely formulated health supplement to restore and maintain a healthy gut.


  • Unique Microbial Cell Preparation (MCP) with 6 Beneficial Bacteria
  • Proven Safe and Effective via Clinical Studies

Benefits of HEXBIO®

  • Provide relieves to constipation, diarrhea, gastric problems, bloating and indigestion.
  • Maintain healthy gut or as a preventive measure against gut disorders.

HEXBIO® is GMP manufactured and regulated by National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency (NPRA, Malaysian Ministry of Health).



Each sachet has a concentration of 3 billion colony forming unit (CFU) of multi-strain bacteria. It is an orange flavoured, cream coloured granular powder.



Each 3 gram sachet contains:
Lactobacillus acidophilus BCMC® 12130 ……….107mg
Lactobacillus lactis BCMC® 12451 ……….107mg
Lactobacillus casei subsp BCMC® 12313 ……….107mg
Bifidobacterium longum BCMC® 02120 ……….107mg
Bifidobacterium bifidum BCMC® 02290 ……….107mg
Bifidobacterium infantis BCMC® 02129 ……….107mg


Administration and Dosage

Adults : 1 sachet to be taken orally twice daily before or after meal. Drink a glass of water if needed.
Children: 1 sachet to be taken orally once daily before or after meal. Drink a glass of water if needed.
Or recommended by doctors.



Contraindications is not known.
Pregnant individuals should consult doctors before consuming this product.
Some individuals may experience loose stools initially; however, this condition will resolve gradually with time.



This product should be stored in a dry place below 25℃. Keep away from direct sunlight.
Keep out of reach from children.


Registration Number

Product Registration No.
Malaysia : MAL 06071166X
Cambodia : N0062IH-13
Indonesia  : POM SI. 134 203 981
Myanmar  : 1501AA2349
Palestine : 014/N0028/3
Jordan : 647/41513
Philippines  : FR-4000001831050
United Arab Emirates  : 7741-9272-1
Yemen  : 20616


1. What is MCP? What is the difference between MCP and other probiotics?

Microbial Cell Preparation (MCP) is a unique formulation with bacteria that confer the health benefit when consumed. MCP is clinically proven to be safe and effective using the final product. Whereas, most of the probiotics products in the market were claimed effective for its individual strains, not with their final products.

2. HEXBIO® vs Yoghurts & Fermented foods?

Most fermented foods and yoghurts contain an unknown amount of bacteria in the end products. Additionally, the beneficial bacteria in yoghurts and fermented foods may not survive in the digestive system. Bacteria in most fermented foods and yoghurts were not clinically proven for their abilities to support digestive health as a whole.

With HEXBIO®, you can know with certainty that you are getting clinically proven products that is safe and effective for your health benefits. HEXBIO® contained 30 billion CFU of beneficial bacteria and clinically proven to survive in the digestive system.

3. Is HEXBIO® safe for all ages? Are there any side effects?

Yes, HEXBIO® is safe for all ages. The benefits of HEXBIO® has been studied extensively in clinical trials. No adverse effects of consumption have been reported. It is clinically proven to be safe and effective.

You may consult with the doctors before taking HEXBIO®. It is recommended that individuals with unique circumstances and complications to seek advise from doctors before consuming HEXBIO®.

Please refers to product’s descriptions for more information.

4. I have problems with allergy, can I take HEXBIO®?

HEXBIO® does not contain common allergens such as gluten or peanuts. HEXBIO® contains a very minimal amount of lactose (below detection limit). If you have concerns, you may consult with the doctors before taking HEXBIO®.

5. Can I take HEXBIO® along with other medications?

Yes, you can take HEXBIO® along with medications. If you are under the course of antibiotic, it is recommended to have 4 hours gap before taking HEXBIO®.

As with other supplements or medications, it is recommended that your doctor’s advise is sought before taking HEXBIO® along with other medications.

6. Can HEXBIO® be taken with juice, milk, or water?

Yes. HEXBIO® can be mixed with juice, milk, or water as long as it is not a hot beverage. Temperature higher than 40°C may lower the efficacy of the beneficial bacteria.

7. How do I store HEXBIO®?

The high-quality packaging of HEXBIO® ensures bacteria efficacy for 2 years if HEXBIO® is placed at normal room temperature (25°C – 30°C). It does not require refrigeration.

8. Would other products with the different number of strains and CFU be better in efficacy?

The proven effectiveness of HEXBIO® is based upon its clinical studies using strain-specific formulation at a dose of 30 billion CFUs. Thereby a comparison to other products (in different strains or CFU) would not be suitable.