Probiotics vs Yoghurts and Fermented Food 

Taking the lid off the beneficial bacteria debate

Have you wondered why fermented food like yoghurt never seem to provide the necessary effect like it claims? Fermented food is usually on consumer’s minds when it comes to their gut health care. However, fermented food like yoghurts alone is not as effective in achieving its desired benefits. Patients suffering from stomach bloating or any other digestive issues, may find that the incorporation of probiotics can make all the difference.

The issue is that most yoghurts and fermented food contain an unknown amount of bacteria in their final products. This can be a cause for concern as  the beneficial bacteria may not survive in the digestive tract to exemplify its benefits. Bacteria in these products are usually not clinically proven for their abilities to support or resolve digestive issues. 

Additionally, some yoghurts and fermented foods may be laden with sugar, lactose and other irritants that may outweigh the probiotic properties within the product. Probiotics and health supplements on the other hand do not contain the aforementioned ingredients. This means, that these consumers can relish the fact that probiotics do not lead to any health concerns like blood sugar disorders. More importantly, these beneficial bacteria are clinically proven to survive the digestive process.

It is important to remember that in conjunction with taking probiotics, swapping processed foods for natural and fermented food  can support a healthy lifestyle and help you to get the most out of your supplementation. It’s also a great idea to fill up on prebiotic food, which serve the function of feeding the good bacteria. For easy to access prebiotic options, try bananas, oats, garlic or onion, plus ancient grains such as quinoa or chia.

Probiotic supplements are now subject to a great deal of scientific progression and often have the clinical studies to support. B-Crobes have put HEXBIO® through rigorous clinical testing prior to market release. B-Crobes continue to undertake a wide range of clinical trials with renowned institutions to further refine their product’s efficacy. 

There are a wide range of health supplements that are suitable for allergies such as gluten or peanut intolerances. B-Crobes’ HEXBIO® does not contain either of these common allergens and contains below detection levels of lactose. This means that is widely usable and accessible to everybody.

When taking HEXBIO®, you can know with certainty that you are getting clinically proven products that are both safe and effective in resolving bad gut health and digestive issues, but also promoting a wide range of health benefits and the support of wellbeing. HEXBIO® contains 30 billion CFU of beneficial bacteria, which are clinically proven to survive in the digestive system.

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