Clinical Trials 

Effect of Microbial Cell Preparation

On Renal Profile and Liver Function Among Type 2 Diabetics

Effect of Multi Strain Probiotics

Onglycemic Control and Other Diabetes‑Related Outcomes in People with Type 2 Diabetes

Efficacy of Microbial Cell Preparation

In Improving Chronic Constipation

Microbial Cell Preparation

In Enteral Feeding In Critically Ill Patients

Strain-Specific Probiotic and Omega-3 Fatty Acid

In Modulating Quality of Life and Inflammatory Markers in Colorectal Cancer Patients

Pre-Surgical Administration

Of Microbial Cell Preparation In Colorectal Cancer Patients

Trial of Probiotics

in Post-Surgical Colorectal Cancer

Hexbio in Elderly Patients

with Multiple Chronic Co-morbidities

Review On Gut Microbiota and GDM

Effect of Probiotic Microbial Cell Preparation (MCP)

on Fasting Blood Glucose, Body Weight

Effects of Combined Probiotic Ingestion and Circuit Training

on muscular strength and power and cytokine responses (Ayu, 2018)

Effects of Probiotics Supplementation and Circuit Training

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